Aircraft Drawings Volume 1

Here is a collection of three and four-view drawings, outlines, and renderings of over 200 various aircraft perfect for subject research. Each drawing was carefully scanned, despeckled, and organized for your convenience. If you were to purchase these drawings individually from other documentation services you would be paying many, many times the price, but as models ourselves, we value good research material and this is our way to share it with you at a fair price. Be on the lookout for Volume 2 later this year!

This download is over 800 megabytes so make sure you have sufficient room and bandwidth.

What is included in this volume:

Aeronca CollegianAGO Type 1917Albatros CVAmerican Eagle A129
American V-1 MothAmiot 143M

Anderson Greenwood Model 14Arado Ar96
Armstrong WhitworthArmstrong Whitworth FK10Beechcraft Bonanza 35Beechcraft Mentor 45
Bellanca BomberBellanca ColumbiaBell P-39Berckmans Scout
Bergamaschi PL3Bloch MB-152Blohm and Voss BV141Blohm And Voss BV222
Boeing 314 ClipperBoeing F2BBoeing P-12Boeing P-26A
Boeing XBFB1Boeing XF6B-1Boeing XPBB-1 SearangerBoing 307 Stratoliner
Breda 65Breguet 14 B2Breguet 19 A2Brewster Buffalo
Bristol Bulldog Mk-IIABristol F.2Bristol ScoutBritish BE12B
Brown B-3Brunner-Winkle BirdCAB MinicabCessna 172 Skyhawk
Cessna CR-3 RacerCessna YAT-37Chance Vought C-143Chance Vought F4U-7
Chance Vought F8U-1 CrusaderChance Vought OS2U1Chance Vought SBU-1Chance Vought TBU-1 Seawolf
Chance Vought V-100Cierva AutogiroConsolidated CommodoreConsolidated Fleet Biplane
Curtiss GoshawkCurtiss Hawk 75Curtiss Hawk F-11Curtiss O1 Falcon
Curtiss RobinCurtiss S03C SeagullCurtiss SOC-1Curtiss Wright A-12 Shrike
Curtiss Wright CondorCurtiss Wright CW-1 JuniorCurtiss Wright CW-23Curtiss Wright Model 19 Coupe
Curtiss XP-934 SwiftCZL MetaSokolDayton-Wright Bauman RB-1DeHavilland 4 Recon Plane
DeHavilland 86DeHavilland ChipmunkDeHavilland DH-5DeHavilland DH98 Mosquito
DeHavilland DHC.3 OtterDeHavilland Hornet MothDeHavilland VampireDewoitine D.27
Dewoitine D.501Dornier Do.335Douglas A-26 InvaderDouglas DC-3
Douglas O-38Douglas O-46ADouglas RB-66Douglas XB-42 Mixmaster
Douglas Y10EDO XOSE-1Entwicklungsring Sud VJ101CEpps Lightplane
Fairchild C-119Fairchild F24Fairchild SekaniFairchild T-31
Fairey Long Range MonoplaneFletcher FL23Fly BabyFocke Wulf 190A
Fokker C-2Fokker DR1Fokker E IIIFokker T5 Bomber
Ford 5-AT-C Tri-MotorFranklin Sport Model AFriedrichshafen FF33Friedrichshafen Type G3 Bomber
General Aviation AF-15 Flying BoatGloster GamecockGloster GauntletGloster Goldfinch
Gloster IV SeaplaneGloster Sea GladiatorGoodyear F2GGregor FDB-1
Grumman F2FGrumman F7F TigercatGrumman FF-1Grumman G-22
Grumman JF-3Grumman JRF-2Grumman MallardGrumman O-1 Mohawk
Grumman SF-2Grumman XP-50Halberstadt CL2Halls Springfield Bulldog
Handley Page O400Hannover CLIIIaHanriot Biche Pursuit H-110Hanriot HD.2
Hansa-Brandenburg Model LDDHawker Fury IIHawker Hunter MkIIHawker Sea Hawk
Heinkel He162Heinrigh 1909 MonoplaneJamieson JupiterJohnson Rocket 185
Junkers J.1Junkers J.2Kawasaki Ki-100-1bKawasaki Ki-61
Kinner BirdKinner Light TransportKlemm EagleKyishu J7W1 Shinden
LFG Roland D-2Lockheed C-69 ConstellationLockheed ElectraLockheed F-90
Lockheed F-94C StarfireLockheed OrionLockheed VegaLoening OL-9
Loening PA-1Loire-Nieuport 250Loving-Wayne Racer WR-1Macchi MB323
Martin B-26 MarauderMartin M-130 China ClipperMartin P6M-1McDonnell FD-1 Phantom
Messerschmitt Bf110Messerschmitt M29Messerschmitt Me210Messerschmitt Me262
Midget MustangMiles FalconMitsubishi Type ZeroMonocoupe 90
Morane-Saulnier 405Morane-Saulnier A1Northrop A-17Northrop F-5
Northrop F-89D ScorpionNorthrop GammaNorthrop X-4Northrop XB-35
Orenco DPA-22 AutogyroPfalz D.IIIPhonix C.1 Dront
Phonix D.1Pilatus Turbo-Porter PC-6Piper J3 CubPitcairn Mailwing
Pitts SpecialPotez 37R2PZL-104 WilgaPZL P-11C
Ryan M-1Ryan NX211 Spirit Of St LouisRyan STRyan XF2R-1 Fireball
Saab Viggen AJ-37Salmson SAL 2-A2SE 5ASeversky P-35
Sikorsky S-42SNCASO SO7060SNECMA C-450 ColeoptereStearman 73 Trainer
Stearman 75 KaydetStearman XA-21Stinson AStinson L-5
Stinson Pursuit TrainerThomas Morse O-33EThomas Morse ScoutTravel Air 2000
Travel Air 4000Travel Air 6000Verville PW-1Vought F4U Corsair
Vultee VIIGAWaco 240AWaco C-6Waco Model UKC
Westland Pterodactyl VWestland WhirlwindWestland WyvernWFW W-14 Thunderbird
Wilbault 170-C1 TrombeWright-Martin M-8YAK 15YAK 18 PM