About Us

Modelers Reference is a pioneering web-based platform dedicated to providing instant access to high-quality aircraft photo walk-arounds tailored for modelers. Inspired by the need for a convenient solution in the modeling community, I also have had the frustration of waiting weeks for walk-around photos via traditional postal services. Thus, Modelers Reference was born, offering a vast collection of meticulously captured walk-arounds spanning all eras of aircraft history.

Every walk-around in our inventory is personally taken by our team or generously donated by other contributors passionate about supporting fellow modelers. We pride ourselves on delivering meticulously cleaned and verified images, ensuring accuracy and reliability for our customers. Alongside our extensive walk-around library, we also offer archives of vintage aircraft manuals, enriching the modeling experience with historical context.

Our customer base primarily consists of both plastic and flying model enthusiasts, seeking detailed references for their projects. To reach our audience, we utilize “word of mouth” and sponsor modeling events whenever possible. What sets Modelers Reference apart from our competition is our commitment to instant delivery of your purchase. Customers can download their chosen walk-arounds immediately after purchase, eliminating the wait associated with traditional mail services. With convenience and quality at the forefront, Modelers Reference continues to empower modelers worldwide in realizing their aviation-inspired creations.”

Thank you,
Mike Chilson