Frequently Ask Questions

If you do not find an answer here, please use the Contact Us form and shoot us an email with your question.

Our purchase links expire 30 days after purchase. We think this is a reasonable amount of time to download what you paid for. If some extraordinary circumstances do not allow you to do so and you get this message please contact us and let us know what happened and we will take care of you.

Short answer, it depends… It depends on how large the walk-around zip file is and it it depends on your internet connection speed. I publish the size of the file on every item so you can have a general idea of how long it will take with your connection.

Contact me! I have over 400 walk-arounds that will eventually get posted here but if you have something specific and I have it I will post it right away for you. Use the “Contact Us” form on the site menu.

Well more than likely your ISP or your email client tagged it as SPAM. If you can’t find it in your SPAM folder then simply use the contact us form and let me know. I will get you a link back ASAP.

We price out digital goods based on quantity and quality. so obviously a walk-around with just 30 images is not going to cost as much as one that has 200. The same goes with quality.

I try and post at least one new item every week, sometimes two or three.

There are a few reasons we can sell out documentation for less. Most notably because we sell our documentation as digital downloads not on physical media like CD’s or Paper. Secondly, I do this as a service to help give back to the hobby that has been so good to me, not to try and make a living doing it.

No you do not have to be registered to purchase any item on the site. However, if you are interested in the latest walkarounds and drawings we post you might want to sign up so you can get email notification.

We use Paypal for fast and secure internet transactions. Of course you can use your Paypal account if you have one or you can pay for your purchase with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover debit or credit card.

After you login, In the upper right corner of every page where it says “Howdy yourusername” and the little user icon click on that and you can change your password in your profile.

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